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Through his career and before beginning his consulting activities with Niche Clever in 2004, Jacob has worked in a wide range of roles, with a wide range of companies on a wide range of projects.

Project & Roles

September 1

Modern Fractal Abstracts

NFT Project.
July 1

For MoneyScience.
January 1

Digital Asset Consulting

London Drawing.
November 1

Social Media Marketing / Product Launch

Aurora DIY Investing – Ongoing
October 1

For MoneyScience.
September 1


For MoneyScience.
July 1

Research Project

Southwest Independent. Business Directory.
April 1

Website Build

Barnes Cotton Districts Charity
January 1


For MoneyScience.
October 1

Website Build and Marketing Support

E-Circuit Motors.
January 1

Website / Marketing Support

Passport Systems Inc.
March 1

Website / SEO Consulting

Pennies, the Digital Charity Box.
September 1

Platform Analysis

FIX Trading Community.
June 1

Publishing Consultancy

Thematic Capital Partners
May 1

Startup Support & Business Development

October 1

MoneyScience Launch

January 1

Quantitative Finance

Institute of Physics Publishing.
September 1

Applied Mathematics Journals

Institute of Physics Publishing.  
January 1

Bankers’ Almanac Country Reports

Reed Business Information.

In parallel with his web consulting and business development activities, Jacob has also been running the niche finance website Money | Science Ltd since 2004.


Money | Science started life as a community resource and web portal aggregating news, research and information for the Quantitative Finance community. Since 2020 he has spun out several new sites under the Money | Science umbrella to focus on education and training, financial technology and blockchain-related topics.

Quantitative Resources for Financial Practitioners

Blockchain Research and Resources
Coding for Quants
Financial Technology Companies and Products
Postgraduate Quantitative Finance in the UK

The NFT Market has been surging in popularity since 2020 and has become particularly attractive to artists looking for new platforms on which to sell and distribute their artworks. As with many emerging markets though, the business side of sales and marketing in this space brings with it a very particular set of challenges, not least of which is that, being a relatively new technology, it can be a bit of a wild-west out there. Niche Clever can help you navigate this evolving marketplace, not only by providing you with a thorough grounding in the technology itself, but also by giving you all the tools and strategies you need to build a community and promote your work.


It’s often useful to get some ‘skin-in-the-game’ and Jacob has been building a number of NFT collections on various platforms in order to run a series of experiments to understand how the market is structured and which channels and approaches are most likely to be effective. The process has provided a fascinating insight into the hows and whys, and crucially, the dos and do nots of working in this space

Modern Fractal Abstracts

A collection of unique, high resolution fractal art works that explore non-integer dimensionality by slicing 3d fractals in unusual and beautiful ways.

Modern Fractal Abstracts on Polygon

Modern Fractal Abstracts on Cardano

Alien Fractal Emporium

A collection of 49 unique fractal art works that explore just how alien fractals can be.

Curious Objects

A collection of 50 unique fractal art works exploring the many forms these strange and beautiful mathematical objects can take.